The best Football shirt brand?

Football Shirts are more than a football players uniform.

Football shirts are passion, a representation of your city, your favourite player & so much more.

With thousands of shirts created each which year. We ask ourselves what brand makes the best Football shirts?


Nike, Adidas & Puma are obvious football shirt brands that sit at the top of the food chain. These football giants have created iconic football shirts from the notorious R9 era through to the modern day game we love.

Despite these 3 sitting at the top, many other brands compete for the spot of the best football shirt brand!

Newcomers like New balance, Macron & many more create countless incredible shirts season in, season out!


Our favourite New balance shirts are FC Porto's, an iconic club with a cool but simple design.


Macron, Hummel & many more focus on Mid tier teams, not quite offering there services to the top 6 just yet however have supported some incredible stories and developments of teams. We feel there Football shirt designs are lack lusted & often don't have the same 'UMPH' as the bigger football shirt brands.

Castore can often sit amongst this pile of brands however their Bayern Leverkusen shirt is an exception the beautiful and clean design on there 2022/2023 away kit is nothing but perfection.

We feel the small to mid Football shirt brands have good shirts & bad shirts but the consistency and longevity in the game sadly doesn't allow them to compete with the big 3.

To try to understand this objective question we must look at what the big three did wrong, to access who consistently delivers incredible football shirts.

Nike are known for consistently good, often iconic shirts with very few not connecting with Football fans. 

A few shirts they have been criticized in recent times has to be the latest Atheltico Madrid 2022-2023 Home shirt. The design is suppose to represent the nearby by Manzanares river. It's the right & nice idea but we cant help but think that the shirt looks abit 'wonky'.

(Image credit: Fran Santiago/Getty Images)


Tottenham Hotspurs 2022/2023 away shirt leaves a lot to be desired too with a clunky mismatch of colours, barely used within the club.

Despite both of these hiccups we believe the majority of Nike's football shirts surpass Puma and Adidas.

Adidas do release some incredible football shirts most notably Real Madrid's. Despite this there consistency is sadly abit everywhere. With Football shirt collectors & Football fans feeling hard done by the company over recent years.

The company is criticised often for having a "Default Adidas Template" feel. With exception we'd have to agree with this. 


We feel this question of 'The best football brand' is a difficult one and very subjective. Consistency is key, but if you create enough iconic shirts throughout the years, you may just take the title. 


We believe that for Nike take the cake on the best football shirts however we can't see that being the case in the next decade or so.


With lots of known upcomers aswell as brands we haven't mentioned overseas like Charly & Dony, the market is very much there for the taking.


We're looking forward to seeing how football shirts develop & which will be worthy to put in our Mystery Football Shirts box's.

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